For some serious underwater action, look no further than Scuba Nation's gift experience voucher; a great gift that they will never forget. Valid at 95 locations nationwide, this is the perfect present and the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Vouchers are monetary value gift cards. Pay for or pay towards any experiences. Valid for all our locations.

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    Our vouchers are valid for 12 months.

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If, within 7 days of purchasing your gift voucher, you change your mind for any reason. We will offer you a full refund, no questions asked!

Subject to the voucher being unused and any postal vouchers being returned in good condition.

For some serious underwater action, look no further than Scuba Nation's gift experience voucher; a great gift that they will never forget. Valid at 95 locations nationwide, this is the perfect present and the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are my Scuba Diving gift vouchers valid for?

Your Scuba Diving gift vouchers will be valid for a period of 12 months. If you purchase a Gift Voucher in the lead up to Christmas we’ll provide you with an extended validity so that the lucky recipient’s voucher will be valid for 12 months from Christmas Day.

I don’t want my partner to see the surprise, help!

We love the idea of you surprising a loved one with a Scuba Diving gift voucher, so we’ll help you out in every way we can! The gift vouchers that we provide you will be placed in a blank envelope or packaging, meaning that the surprise will not be spoilt!

I’ve received a gift voucher, how do I redeem it?

If you’ve received one of our Scuba Diving gift vouchers, lucky you! Your underwater adventure is just a few clicks away, all you need to do to redeem the gift voucher is follow the booking process and type it in when prompted. Alternatively, you can give one of our sales consultants a ring and they’ll be happy to guide you through it.

How do I purchase a gift voucher?

To purchase a Scuba Diving gift voucher, simply scroll through the prices and click your desired amount. Once you’ve done that, you can securely buy your voucher through our online booking process. If you’d prefer to do this over the phone, one of our helpful sales consultants will be more than happy to help you with your purchase.

Can I send the gift voucher directly to the recipient?

Yes, we can do that for you. Upon booking, simply let our sales consultants know and they’ll do the rest.

Are there any restrictions that I need to consider when booking a gift voucher?

Yes. Most of our Scuba Diving venues have certain restrictions in place, mainly to do with age. We advise that you thoroughly read through our venue descriptions before you book your gift voucher.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Additionally, if you wish to pay by cheque, make cheques payable to 'Scuba Nation' and send to 'Go Ballistic, Hammerain House, Hookstone Avenue, Harrogate, HG2 8ER, North Yorks., UK'. Please ensure you stipulate which activity you are interested in and include your name address, telephone number and email address.

My brothers always wanted to try scuba diving, and when he booked a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to Oz I knew he'd jump at the opportunity to give it a go out there. So a couple of months before he jetted off I decided to treat him to a scuba diving experience on home soil, so that he'd know what to expect.

When I ordered his voucher it came boxed up ready to go, so I didn't even need to bother wrapping it up or anything. He was made up when I got round to giving it to him, and he redeemed it pretty much straight away. He booked his scuba diving experience for around a month before he flew out, and he couldn't wait to finally try it.

I figured his scuba diving experience would give him the chance to learn the all basics, and when I caught up with him a couple of days after his experience he said it'd be really useful. He'd basically got a one on one lesson, and he absolutely loved. I know learning the basics in the pool isn't quite the same as exploring The Great Barrier Reef, but he said mastering the basics in the UK made him even more excited to try a scuba diving experience in Oz.


Earlier this year I went on my first scuba diving experience after my sister bought me an experience voucher from Scubanation. The whole day was incredible and I couldn't have asked for a better present from her.

The voucher came presented in a nice little gift box with loads of information about scuba diving squeezed in too, so by the time I'd read through it all I couldn't wait to get my scuba experience booked in. Redeeming my voucher was really easy and luckily I didn't have to wait long until my experience.

On the day of my experience I arrived at the site nice and early, and it was pretty much straight down to action. The session started in the classroom where I learnt the all the basics of scuba diving and got to grips with some of the equipment we'd be using.

After spending about half an hour in the classroom we climbed into the pool to put what we'd learnt to the test, and that's when things got really exciting! My scuba diving experience was easily one of the best things I've ever done, and even though I was a complete beginner I picked up load of information. I'll definitely be diving again soon!


You are only one step away from underwater fun with a Scuba Nation gift voucher. With thousands of satisfied customers, an awesome experience is guaranteed. We spoke to Danielle Turner, 25, who bought one of our gift vouchers as a birthday present for her boyfriend.

“My boyfriend is really into extreme sports, but where we live there aren’t many locations where you can take part. After taking part in the same few activities over and over again, he wanted to try something new, but looking for something exciting that he hasn’t done before was easier said than done. Where we live in the Midlands is miles away from anything!

“We live close to Worcester, which isn’t exactly the action capital of the UK. Finding a new and exciting experience to surprise him with as a birthday treat, without having to travel all the way into Birmingham, wasn’t easy- we don’t drive and public transport is an enormous pain. Luckily, when searching for activities I found Scuba Nation. One of their locations was really close to our home town, so I thought I’d take a look.

“As this is Scuba Nation’s only location nearby, it was no surprise that it was booked up for the foreseeable future. I didn’t know when my boyfriend was going to be free that far in advance, so I was about to give up searching. Then I came across a link on the homepage advertising Scuba Nation gift vouchers; they were valid for a year after purchasing, which would give him plenty of time to get down here.

“I didn’t want to delay any longer- I’d found a present perfect for him that I knew he would love. It only took five minutes until I had bought one; all I needed to do was put money on the card, select gift wrapping and enter my details. No small print to read, or lots of stages to go through. It was quick and easy. Within a few minutes I was told my order was about to be sent and it arrived in plenty of time for his birthday a few days later.

“When he unwrapped the voucher on his birthday morning, he loved it and couldn’t wait to get underwater. The brilliant experience he had and the simplicity of buying one of the vouchers means I can’t recommend Scuba Nation highly enough. I will definitely be telling my friends and family about them”.

Scuba Nation gift vouchers are a wonderful present for any occasion. One of our delighted recipients is Luke Brown, 26, who was treated to one as a birthday present from his girlfriend.

“My girlfriend knows me too well. She’s watched me go paintballing and karting a ton of times and knows that I’m always looking for a new adrenaline pumping adventure to take part in. Don’t get me wrong, I love taking part in that fun- I just fancy doing something new, although options are very limited where we live.

“On my birthday morning I woke up to find she had treated me to a Scuba Nation gift voucher. I had never been scuba diving before and assumed there was nowhere near us where you could take part; I thought you’d have to go near the ocean to find the perfect diving spot! Little did I know there was a dive centre just minutes away from our house. I couldn’t wait to take part.

“Booking was made easy by using the voucher. It was valid up to a year after purchase, making it easier to secure a spot on a dive. Even though Worcester was the only centre in the region, booking using the voucher was still easy no matter how busy it got. I just selected a date and entered the voucher code online- and just like that, I was all set and ready to go.

“We only lived moments away from the centre, but Scuba Nation still emailed us maps and directions. They really cared about getting me to the site in plenty of time- they delivered excellent customer service and I can’t recommend them highly enough because of this. When I arrived at the centre, the staff there were also incredibly friendly and eager to do whatever they could to make my experience as fantastic as possible.

“They helped make my first taste of scuba diving simple and plenty of fun. With all the help from instructors, I was transformed from a newbie into an expert in a short amount of time. I can’t wait to get underwater again- and I can’t thank my girlfriend and Scuba Nation enough for letting me take part in the aquatic fun. I will definitely be telling my mates about this. I didn’t even know we had a scuba diving centre near us and I definitely didn’t know taking part would be this much fun!”