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  • Durham Scuba Diving

    From £25.99 pp Min. Age 10

    commute 126 miles from Glasgow, Glasgow

    The perfect introduction to the underwater world, you'll be joined by a qualified instructor who'll offer an epic Diving experience here at our fan...

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  • Sunderland Scuba Diving

    From £26.00 pp Min. Age 12

    commute 130 miles from Glasgow, Glasgow

    If you’re ready to take the plunge and learn the fundamentals of snorkelling and scuba diving, you can do exactly that at our amazing venue in Sunderland.

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  • Bolton Scuba Diving

    From £34.99 pp Min. Age 10

    commute 173 miles from Glasgow, Glasgow

    If you’ve always wanted to experience scuba diving our Bolton venue is the perfect place to take the first steps towards becoming a scuba master.

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  • Manchester Scuba Diving

    From £476.00 pp Min. Age 10

    commute 178 miles from Glasgow, Glasgow

    If you’d like to acquire the skills you need to explore the underwater world with full confidence, we have everything that you need to achieve exactly that.

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  • Stoke-on-Trent Scuba Diving

    From £31.00 pp Min. Age 8

    commute 214 miles from Glasgow, Glasgow

    Scuba Diving is high on many peoples bucket lists and its easy to understand why. What better way for you to get close to underwater nature and wildl...

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  • Studley, West Midlands Scuba Diving

    From £40.00 pp Min. Age 8

    commute 266 miles from Glasgow, Glasgow

    Description coming soon!

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Scuba Diving Glasgow

Take a trip to one of the UK and Ireland's most popular tourist destinations as you take part in the truly remarkable activity of Scuba Diving in Glasgow! After receiving full expert Scuba Diving tuition from our qualified instructors, you'll have all the time in the world to visit the superb attractions that encompass this beautiful city, like the spectacular Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum or the picturesque Pollok Country Park! With the greatest amount of Scuba Diving venues across both the UK and Ireland, we're the best in the industry. You can book online by scrolling through the list of Scuba diving venues near you and clicking on the one you like best or, alternatively, you can give us a call on the number provided.